How I Start a Painting - The First Layers

Sunday, December 24, 2017

People often wonder how I learned to paint in such a way that the canvas almost looks like patterned fabrics... well, I learned it all by mistake, practice and victory. I also use a lot, a LOT of water to create very thin layers. Here is a super quick time lapse of me starting a painting. This piece later turned into a mixed media collage featuring our cat Matilda.
Starting a painting - first layers (time lapse) from Teri Navajo on Vimeo.

Once I laid down my wet layers, I finished the piece with lots of heavy globs of paint, paint pens and even stitching and other mixed media embellishments. The end result is a piece of art that proudly hangs in our home. I also use this as an example piece for custom collage works for clients. When I make a pet themed piece such as this ($100 each), I donate $50 from each painting sold to The Humane Society in Tampa, the same shelter where we adopted Matilda.

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