Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I am so proud to announce that I have a 10 piece collection that will be permanently installed at the new Yummy House located in Sarasota

Here is a preview, however - I hope you will visit the Yummy House to see the entire collection throughout the restaurant's dining room. These babies gave me lots of happy days and lots of struggles during their time in y studio. I guess that is the beauty of making art - sometimes it doesn't always go as planned and you have to just keep at it, keep testing out an idea or tweaking a method that you you are familiar with in order to achieve the vision that you have in your head. There are pieces in tones of jade, indigo and a dusty rose within this collection. I used lots of texture/modeling paste and watered down my colors to create what could possibly 100's of layers of washes all total. While the blues and greens were a breeze - the pink pieces (not pictured) were so hard to complete... Their color kept changing after drying and so, I added layers upon layers to achieve the right shade for the aesthetic of the new restaurant. I am so happy that they all finally came together and that the pieces that gave me a little headache are now my favorites... I worked many many hours on these works and I am very proud of them, I pushed through the difficulties and in the end - the collection houses ten unique pieces that all compliment one another. I am thankful to Charlie Schiller for the opportunity and for extending the commission of these pieces to me for her client. 

These pieces are so near and dear to me that I will be such a delight to see them hanging during the opening of the restaurant -right around the middle of February for Chinese New Year. I hope to see you there!

To see this collection and dine at Yummy House/Sarasota:


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